Examination – 3 August

The examination will be on Thursday 3 August at 9:00am in Brooke 016.

The examination will be in the same format and cover the same topics as the exam in May, so all the original revision guidance on this blog and on Blackboard still applies.

There will be a 2 hour revision session on Thursday 27 July in Harrington 129 starting at 1:00pm. Please post details of the particular topics you’d like to cover in the ‘comments’ below.

I am currently reviewing the scripts from the May exam. I will be posting my observations on individual questions over the course of the next week or so. I will highlight the most common areas where marks were gained or lost, and identify the points where I think you should concentrate your preparations for this examination.

Across all questions, the most common way for marks to be dropped was by failing to answer all parts of the question. It is always worth putting something down in the answer book even if you’re far from certain you have the correct solution. I will have to give zero marks if there’s no answer but there are plenty of 1/2 marks available for partially correct answers and, if you’ve prepared diligently for the exam, many of your ‘guesses’ are likely to be right. If you’re suffering from a temporary mental block, try browsing through the relevant chapter in you Tax Tables and see if that jogs your memory.



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